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Full Form of BOSS:

Bharat Operating System Solutions

BOSS Full Form is Bharat Operating System Solutions. BOSS refers to Linux’s free and open source distribution, which was created by National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (abbreviated as NRCFOSS), India. It is also called BOSS GNU/Linux. The latest version in the market is 6.0. BOSS has been called the country’s own Personal Computer operating system and is often regarded as one of the most productive developments to have emerged from the Indian software industry since decades. The Government of India endorses the software for the purposes of its nationwide adoption and implementation.

The software is certified by the Linux Foundation, which is a proof that the software adheres to the Linux Standard Base Standard. Different versions of BOSS have been given unique names. For instance, BOSS 5.0 was codenamed anokha and it was rigged with fresh applications that concentrated on enhancing user-friendliness and security. This software covered 12800 different packages. Most of the software has now been updated. The latest version is BOSS 6.0, which has been codenamed Anoop. The software provides GNOME Desktop Environment 3.14 and offers support to various Indian languages, which are especially relevant to the Government of India.

The version is aimed at enhancing user-friendliness and compatibility and for this purpose, attractive themes and interface have been provided. BOSS Linux 6.0 is compatible with Intel 32-bit and has Linux Kernel 3.16. It offers applications such as Libreoffice, multimedia applications, Internet access software such as Firefox, etc and files converter/sharing. The desktop has an on-screen keyboard that supports Indian language. One of its features is called the Smart Common Input Method, which facilitates input mechanism for various Indian languages with the help of Unicode 7.0. The present BOSS provides support to all Official Indian languages such as Gujarati, Malayalam, Odia, Tamil, Bodo, Kashmiri, Konkani, Manipuri, Telugu, Sanskrit, etc.

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