BOM Full Form Name: BOM Meaning

Full Form of BOM:

Bill of Materials

BOM Full Form is Bill of Materials. BOM is an enumeration of raw materials, intermediate assemblies, sub-assemblies, sub-components, and quantities required to produce an end product. It is often called associated list or product structure. ABOM is used for the purposes of communication among manufacturing partners, or may be restricted to an individual manufacturing plant. A BOM is also associated with a production order whose issuance generates reservations for parts in the BOM which are in stock as well as requisitions for components which are not in stock.

A BOM, when used to define designs of the products, is called engineering bill of materials. A BOM is called a sales bill of materials when it is used to define products as they are ordered. When the products are being built, a BOM used to define them is called a manufacturing bill of materials and when these products are being maintained, a BOM is referred to as a pseudo bill of materials or service bill of materials.

As far as process industries are concerned, a BOM is also called the ingredients list or formula, or recipe. The phrase BOM is used in the form of an adjective by engineers to refer to the present manufacture configuration of a product. In electronics, a BOM is used to represent a list of components utilized on printed circuit board or printed wiring board. The moment the circuit’s design is finished, the BOM is transferred to the component engineer as well as the PCB layout engineer.

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