Boeing Full Form Name

Boeing Full Form came from its founder William E. Boeing. The Boeing is basically a global company in America. This company aids in selling, manufacturing and designing satellites, rotorcrafts, airplanes, and rockets. Boeing also provides services related to product support and leasing. It is one of the biggest companies of manufacturing aircraft. It is also one of the biggest contractors for defense in accordance with the revenue of the year two thousand and thirteen. It is also the biggest exporter in terms of the dollar value in the US.

The headquarters of Boeing is situated in Chicago. The CEO, as well as the President of this company, is Dennis Muilenburg. There are five divisions of this company, which are Boeing Shared Services; Technology, Operations, and Engineering; BCA or Boeing Commercial Airplanes; Boeing Capital; and BDS or Boeing Defense Security and Space. In terms of sales, ninety billion dollars were recorded in the year two thousand and fourteen.

It got the twenty-seventh rank in the list of the Fortune magazine, twenty-seventh ranks in the list of the admired companies and ninetieth rank in the Global Five Hundred list of the Fortune. There are nearly eighty-two thousand employees in the group of commercial airplanes, seven thousand employees in the shared and financial services, seventeen thousand in the technology, operations, and engineering sector; and twenty-eight thousand in the corporate.

The number of employees in the defense, security and space sector of this company is forty-eight thousand. The program of the Technical Fellowship of this company consists of nearly two percent of its employees. This program is used for setting technical direction by the top scientist and engineers of Boeing. It decided to close its plant in Kansas by the year two thousand and thirteen in the January of the year two thousand and twelve.

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