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Bayonet Neill – Concelman

BNC Full Form is Bayonet Neill–Concelman connector. It is a type of radio frequency connector used for quickly connecting or disconnecting coaxial cables. BNC connectors are widely used in televisions, radios, test instruments, radio-frequency electronic equipment and video signals. Bayonet Neill- Concelman connectors are essentially small quick to connect and disconnect radio frequency connector, which is used in coaxial cables. Popularly known as the BNC Connector, they generally connect radio frequencies up to 3GHZz and voltages anywhere under 500 DC. BNC Connector is used in the field of audio, video, and networking.

Although these connectors were originally developed for military use, other than that, they are also used for various signal connections like serial digital interface and analog signals, electronic test equipment and aviation electronics or avionics. BNC is a preferred connecting device because it is essentially a close fitting connection that is locked by a male connector, which is connected to a female panel on the equipment. This setup is attached to a pin fitting into the main conducting wire.  BNC Connectors are used with 10BASE2 computer networks.

Today, there are different versions of BNC Connectors available in the markets which are made compatible with different kinds of devices. For example, a 75 ohm and a 50 ohm BNC Connector both, are compatible with 2007 IEC standard.  Tools made of BNC Connectors are light in weight, made of stainless steel and have a shaft that is almost double in length of a screwdriver. This helps to safely and quickly connect and disconnect the BNC Connector in their proper devices. Devices with BNC Connector are easier to install than those with different connector systems and are even less expensive at the same time.

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BNC Full Form Field of Application
Bayonet Neill–ConcelmanTelecommunication
Binary Network ConnectorInformation Technology
British Nut ConnectorInformation Technology
Banking Network ComputerInformation Technology
Burst Non-CoherentInformation Technology
Bayonet Navy ConnectorMilitary
British Naval ConnectorMilitary
Basic Number ConceptsMathematics
Base Neutralizing CapacityScience
Bladder Neck ClosureScience
Bethany Nazarene CollegeOrganization
British National CorpusOrganization
Business Network ChicagoOrganization
Boston Nature CenterOrganization
Business Networking Center, North CarolinaOrganization
Blair Network CommunicationsOrganization
Berkeley Nucleonics CorporationOrganization
Boron Nitride CoatingScience
Bethel National ChoirMusic
Brad Not ChadFunny Expansion
Big Nose ChuckFunny Expansion
Barrel Nut ConnectorFunny Expansion

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