BMTC Full Form Name: BMTC Meaning

Full Form of BMTC:

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

BMTC Full Form is Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation. BMTC is essentially a governmental agency, operating the public transport bus services in India. It functions in Bangalore. BMTC presently operates the largest number of Volvo buses in the country.  BMTC operates 34 bus stations in the city, with 3 of its major stations situated at K.R. Market, Shivajinagar, and Majestic. It has established 10 Travel and Transit Management Centres (abbreviated as TTMCs) at various locations in the city.

Some of the special services offered by BMTC include (1) Suvarna: It is akin to normal buses providing services on important feeder routes. These buses follow the red or white paint scheme. (2) BIG 10: It is a Suvarna class bus, which plies on 12 main corridors of the city. These buses can be found numbered with a prefix ‘G’. (3) Pushpak: It is essentially a single door bus, following a coffee colour scheme. (4) AtalSarige: It is a low fare bus, which follows the tricolour paint scheme.

(5) Vajra: It is bus belonging to Volvo class. It operates on 12 main routes that connect to the Kempegowda International Airport. These buses run free Wi-Fi facilities for their passengers. (6) Corona AC and Marcopolo AC: These are other classes of air-conditioned buses that follow lower fare schemes than Vajra. (7) Hop on Hop Off: This is special bus used for the purpose of sightseeing. It covers routes that connect 20 major sights.

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