BMC Full Form Name: BMC Meaning

Full Form of BMC:

British Motor Corporation

BMC Full Form is British Motor Corporation. BMC was a former British manufacturer of vehicles that was established in the year 1952 for the purposes of effectuating the amalgamation of the Austin and Morris businesses. BMC eventually acquired the shares in the Austin Motor Company and the Morris Motors. The exchange of shares agreed upon became effective in the month of April in the year 1952.

In the year 1965, the company took over Pressed Steel, acquiring the body supplier of Jaguar in the process. In the year 1966, the company effectuated a merger with Jaguar Cars Limited. In the same year, the company rechristened itself to British Motor Holdings Limited (abbreviated as BMH). In the year 1968, the company merged with Leyland Motor Corporation Limited, which constructs buses and trucks.

In the year 1958, BMC hired the famed Battista Farina for the purposes of redesigning the entire care line of the company. This engagement resulted in the creation of the 3 Farina saloons in which each was badge-engineered for fitting in various BMC cars. In the year 1959, the company launched big cars such as VandenPlas Princess 3-Litre, Wolseley 6/99, and the Austin A99 Westminster which used the big C-Series Straight-6 engine. These Farinas were updated as the VandenPlas Princess 3-Litre Mk. II, Wolseley 6/110, and Austin A110 Westminster in the year 1961. These Farinas remained in production till the year 1968.

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