BIT Full Form Name: BIT Meaning

Full Form of BIT:

Binary Digit

BIT Full Form is Binary Digit. BIT is an elementary unit of information used in digital communications and computing. A BIT can only comprise 2 values and may be physically incorporated in a two-state device. These values are usually represented as 1 or 0. In terms of information theory, the BIT is regarded as equivalent to Shannon unit. The two values mentioned before can be interpreted as algebraic signs, logical values, activation states, or other two-valued attributes. The correspondence between the physical states and the aforementioned values is a matter of use and convention.

A binary number’s length is often referred in terms of bit-length. As far as Information Theory is concerned, one bit is usually characterized as the uncertainty that exists in a binary random variable or the information which is acquired when the value of such random variable eventually becomes known. In quantum computing, qubit or quantum bit is essentially a quantum system existing in what is called the superposition of 2 classical or non-quantum bit values.

The symbol used to represent a bit is simply bit or b. The term byte is used to refer to a group comprising 8 bits, though there is no strict definition of the size of a byte. Apart from bits, there are other units of information used such as the natural digit which is represented by nitor nat; the ban, dit, or Hartley.  These are, however, not as rampantly used as bits, which is a more acceptable unit of information used in digital communications and computing.

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