BIOS Full Form Name: BIOS Meaning

Full Form of BIOS :

Basic Input/Output System

BIOS Full Form is Basic Input/Output System. BIOS denotes the software which is stored in the tiny memory chip in the motherboard of a computer. It is the software that helps in booting process once the power is on. This software is offered as a part of personal computers to aid booting. BIOS is also called ROM BIOS or System BIOS or PC BIOS. Once a PC is switched on, BIOS sends instructions for it to perform all basic functions like booting, keyboard control, and more.

BIOS also helps in identifying and configuring the hardware of the system such as; floppy drive, CPU, hard drive, memory, optical drive, etc. Each BIOS implementation is specifically designed for it to work with specific motherboard or computer model. Conventional computers had BIOS stored in the ROM chips of motherboards. The modern systems have BIOS contents stored in the flash memories.

BIOS Full Form – British Institute of Organ Studies

Full Form of BIOS is British Institute of Organ Studies. BIOS  is a prominent British organization whose objective is to encourage appreciation and study of every aspect of the pipe organ. Additionally, it also is a major lobbying organization for the purposes of raising awareness of organ issues by entering into collaboration with statutory bodies. Membership to BIOS is open to everyone from any part of the globe. The BIOS was established in the year 1976 as a registered charity.

The objectives of BIOS include promotion of the objective and scholarly study into the organ’s history and its music; conservation of the materials and sources for the organ’s history in Britain and enable their accessibility to scholars; working to preserve and restore the historic organs in Britain; and encouraging exchange of scholarship with other bodies with similar objectives. In order promote its objectives, BIOS publishes Reporter newsletter, which runs quarterly and Journal, which runs yearly. Both contain articles on organ pipe written by individuals from across the globe.

National Pipe Organ Register is a database of all British organ pipes and is maintained by BIOS. This Register is accessible to anyone on the Internet without any levy of charges. The register was started by Mike Sayers and Peter le Huray in the year 1991 and for a significant period supported by the British Academy. The Register, for several years, resided in the University of Cambridge’s computer systems and was transferred to the Information Technology department of the Royal College of Music in the year 2009. It was again re-transferred to Cambridge in the year 2013. The members of the BIOS’ council guide the project throughout whereas the editing of the Register is done by a team of volunteers, monitored by Andrew Macintosh from the Royal College of Organists.

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