BHE Full Form Name

Full Form of BHE:

Bell & Howell

BHE Full Form is Bell & Howell. The BHE or Bell & Howell is basically a US based manufacturer of MPM or motion pictures machinery. Two projectionists founded this company in the year 1907. The headquarters of BHE is in Wheeling, situated in Illinois. It currently provides financial services, microfilms, finishing and inserting solutions for parcels and letters, scanners and document processing. They also have given license to several other companies for making numerous electronic consumer goods.

Under the license of Bell and Howell, there are certain products offered by third party companies which include sunlight floor lamps, solar powered floodlights, personal sound amplifiers, heat therapy devices, electric shavers, air purifiers, 35mm cameras, sunlight desk lamps, portable radios, noise reduction headphones, handheld LCD televisions, digital cameras and alarm systems.

A specially designed computer known as Apple II Plus was marketed in the education market by the Bell & Howell Company in the beginning of July of the year 1979. There were additional elements of security for the classroom use of the modified Apple, like a cover which is tamper-proof. The color of the case was black, but the inside portion contained the standard Apple II Plus.

An educational group was founded by the Bell & Howell Company in the year 1907. This group helped in creating Bell & Howell Schools in the year 1966. A DeVry Institute of Technology’s controlling share was purchased by the Education Group during the same year. Ohio Institute of Technology was acquired by the Education Group in the year 1966.  Several large interests were purchased and sold by the Education Group in various educational institutes and organizations.

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