BHC Full Form Name: BHC Meaning

Full Form of BHC:

Bell & Howell Company

BHC Full Form is Bell & Howell Company. BHC is a former American producer of motion picture machinery. The company was founded in the year 1907. The company is now engaged in the insertion and completion of solutions for parcels and letters, processing of documents, scanners, microfilmers, and financial services. The trademark “Bell & Howell” has also been licensed to manufacturers of several electronic consumer products.

Let us take a look into its foundational and developmental history. As per the charter of the BHC, the company was incorporated on 17 February, 1907. The Cook County Record Book duly records the incorporation. On 19 February, the first meeting of the shareholders occurred on the premises of the office of Attorney W.G. Strong. In that meeting, the first board of directors was appointed for a period of one year in which Donald J. Bell was appointed as the Chairman, Albert S. Howell was appointed as the Secretary, and Marguerite V. Bell was appointed as the Vice-chairman.

Historically, the BHC was a crucial supplier of several media technologies such as slide projectors, overhead presentation projectors, printing equipment, sound and silent projectors, etc. In the year 1934, the company introduced the first ever light-weight 8-mm movie camera. It partnered with Canon and came up with still photography features in its cameras. In the 1970s period, the company stopped manufacturing movie cameras. In the year 1946, the company introduced microfilm products.

BHC decided to sell its imaging business to Eastman Kodak and its international mail business to Pitney Bowes. In the year 2001, the company became ProQuest Company. The remaining businesses of the company were sold to Glencoe Capital. Apart from engaging in the manufacture of media technologies, it has founded an Education Group in the year 1907. In the year 1966, several Bell & Howell Schools were established by the Education Group.

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