BBM Full Form

BBM Full Form is Bachelor of Business Management. BBM is an academic course with duration of 3 years. This course helps the undergraduate students of business management to have deep insight into the major and important areas of global business. The target of this course is to produce expert leaders in the areas of business and corporate management. Most of the study module of this course is similar to Bachelor of Business Administration.

But the difference making factor is that it gives more emphasis on the skills required for excellent management and leadership skills. This extensive course allows the students to attain expertise in specific areas of business and corporate sector. It includes vast sections of business from direct communication, business law, economics, marketing to technology based business, behavioral studies, administrative operations, business strategy and ethics.

Whereas, most Indian universities and colleges offer this course with duration of 3 years, some foreign universities have designed BBM course with a span of four years. This helps the students to dive deeper into the world of business management. Most of the colleges offer internship or direct placement opportunity during or at the end of this course. Business organizations also tend to hire employees directly from the colleges because they know that students of BBM are trained to be first day industry-ready experts.