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Full Form of BBC :

British Broadcasting Corporation

BBC Full Form is British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC is a broadcaster of public service and belongs to the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in London at the Broadcasting House. It is popular because; it is the oldest National Broadcasting Organization in the world. It is also the second largest in terms of a number of employees. In 1992, BBC had become a public funded organization with billions of dollars grossing each year.

BBC operates under an agreement with Secretary of State for Culture, Sport, and Media. It was established under Royal Charter. BBC provides various media resources such as TV and radio broadcasts, publications, etc. The majority of the BBC programs focus on the global news and hence are translated into several languages. This is to reach out to all countries around the globe.

BBC Full Form – Additional Information

The BBC is a corporation that provides public broadcasting services in Britain. Its head office can be found in London. It is the oldest organization dealing with national broadcasting in the world. In accordance with the employee number, it is the biggest broadcaster all over the globe. Its staffs consist of more than twenty thousand people. If the fixed contract staffs are added, along with the flexible and part-time staff, this number rises to thirty-five thousand.

The establishment of this organization is done under a royal charter. Its operations come under the agreements formed by it with the State Secretary for Sport, Media, and Culture. A TV license fee is charged to all organizations, companies, and households that utilize any kind of equipment for recording or receiving the broadcasts of live television. This fee is used for funding the works of the BBC. The Government of Britain has set this fee, after the parliament’s agreement.

Corporate Structure and Governance of BBC

The BBC is independent of the direct intervention of the Government and is basically a statutory organization. The BBC Trust oversees its activities. A Director-General has the responsibility of the organization’s general management. The Trust appoints this Director-General. He or she also acts as the Editor-in-chief of the organization, as well as the Chairperson of the Executive Board.

Hence, the entire operations of the BBC, as well as its management control, are in the hands of the Executive Board. The Management Board comes below the Executive Board. It is responsible for dealing with the issues of interdepartmental nature, along with the additional tasks that have been delegated to it by the Executive Board. Under the Management Board, there are several other divisions.  These are discussed below:

TV Division

This division deals with the TV channels of the corporation and includes the production as well as commissioning of the operations and programming like the BBC Archives.

News Group

This division is responsible for the operations of the BBC News. This consists of the global, regional and national output on radio, television and online. The charge of the divisions of this corporation in Wales, Scotland and the English Regions is in the hands of this division.

Business and Finance Division

It deals with the management of the collection of license fees, the business plans of long term duration and the expenses of the corporation. They are also responsible for assigning budgets to several departments.

Radio Division

This division is responsible for the BBC Radio. It also deals with the managing of the content under the Music brand, like the music programs broadcasted on the BBC TV.

Finances of BBC

The budget of the BBC is among the biggest in Britain. As discussed in the introduction, the funding of this organization is done with the help of television license. Since the year 2010, it costs one hundred and forty-five pounds every year. If a TV is being utilized for additional means, no license is needed. All those households that have black and white TV sets only are provided a suitable discount. All those who have severe visual impairment during the registration are offered a fifty percent discount. Additionally, for all those households that have anyone whose age is seventy-five or more, the license is absolutely free.

Thus, in accordance with the Annual report for the year 2013 and 2014 of the BBC, the total income of this organization was five billion pounds. Out of this, three billion pounds were obtained through the license fees from the households, one billion pounds from the commercial business of the BBC, two hundred and forty-four million from the grants obtained from the Government, and seventy-two million from additional sources, like rental collections.

Services offered by BBC

The following discusses the services provided by the BBC:


Numerous TV channels are operated by the BBC in the UK. The flagship channels are BBC 1 and BBC 2. Additionally, numerous stations that are digital only are operated by the organization. These include BBC Parliament, BBC News and BBC 4. There are two channels operated for children, which are CBeebies and CBBC. Currently, the digital TVs are used widely in the United Kingdom. The usage of analogue television was stopped entirely by the year 2012. An internet TV service is also operated by it, which is referred to as the BBC 3.


There are, in total, 10 radio stations of this organization that is operating in the entire UK. Additionally, there are 6 stations operating in the regions like Northern Ireland, Scotland and Whales. There are forty additional local stations that serve certain areas in England. The people can listen to 5 stations out of the 10 national stations on the DAB as well as on FM/AM. The Radio 1 offers popular styles as well as new music; Radio 2 plays additional genres like soul and country music, and adult contemporary; Radio 3 offers jazz and classical music, along with cultural programs; Radio 4 aims at comedy, factual programs, comedy and current affairs; and Radio 5 deals with talk programs, sports and news.


The BBC News has the biggest operation of news gathering throughout the globe. It offers its services to domestic radio and TV networks. The BBC News Online, as well as the BBC Red Button service, provides new stories as well.

Full Form of BBC – Billionaire Boys Club

BBC Full Form refers to Billionaire Boys Club. The BBC or Billionaire Boys Club is a clothing retailer of Japan and America that features two clothing lines. Nigo and Pharrell Williams established these clothing lines. Nigo is also the founder of BAPE (A Bathing Ape) clothing line. The lines include shirts, denim, sweatshirts, T-shirts, suits, knits, polos, socks, sneakers, accessories, underwear, hats and other technical fabrics, and outwears in cotton, down and leather. The numbers of items produced by the BBC clothing retailer are very limited in quantity and are used in high price sales.

In the year 2005, the fashion icon of Japan, Nigo, and Pharrell Williams formed a partnership. Both of them collaborated in creating and launching two premium brands of streetwear. These two brands are the Ice Cream and the BBC (Billionaire Boys Club). The brand encountered multiple setbacks after its conception since many disputes arose between Rebook and Williams. It was Rebook which was set initially for releasing the clothing line accompanies with the sneaker line of the Ice Cream brand. The setting of the clothing line was eventually postponed, although the sneakers of this brand were still launched. All this happened in early 2005. The launching of this brand finally took place at the end of the year 2005 as a partner company to the BAPE (A Bathing Ape).

The items of the BBC were exclusively made in Brooklyn. Recently, the clothing is now made in China, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, and Korea. A new brand, called BGC (Billionaire Girls Club) has been launched by the BBC. A special tribute was made by Nigo and Pharrell to Tokyo. This tribute was made with a capsule line, and the letters ‘TYO’ replaced the letters ‘BBC’, and was accompanied with a special image of an astronaut. The BBC’s flagship store in the US is in New York City. The same can be found in London and Tokyo. Numerous retailers of the BBC and Ice Cream can be found in the Middle East, Europe, North America, Asia and the UK.

BBC Full Form – B’nai Brith Canada

Full Form of BBC stands for B’nai Brith Canada. BBC is the B’nai B’rith’s Canadian Section. The B’nai B’rith the oldest service organization of the Jewish origin in the world. It ensures the continuity and security of the Jews and the state of Israel. It also combats bigotry and anti-Semitism.

The mission of the BBC is to unite people practicing the Jewish Faith, and promote the highest interest of Jews. It is also working to develop and elevate the moral and mental characters of the Jews, and teaching them the principles of patriotism, honor, and philanthropy. The organization also strives to alleviate the needs and desires of the needy and poor. It visits the sick and takes care of them. It protects the aged and provides the required assistance to them.

The presence of the B’nai Brith Canada in the Canada nation can be traced back to the year 1875. This organization is the senior-most human rights advocacy organization of the Canadian Jewry. It is also the only independent voice of the nation that speaks out on the grassroots Jewish Canadian’s behalf. The first lodge numbered two hundred and forty-six was found in Toronto, Canada in the year 1875. In Montreal, other lodges were also found.

The BBC has seen growth and evolution for many years and has responded well to the particular requirements of Time. At the same time, many transformations are seen in the Canadian Jewry. Throughout its existence, the BBC has employed many successful models of advocacy that has strong result-oriented and community grassroots activism.

As of the year 2007, there are four thousand paying members in the BBC. It operated as well as owned the Jewish Tribune as a weekly subsidiary publication. It claimed that more than sixty-two thousand copies are circulated a week. If these are true, then it made the paper the largest publication of Jews in Canada. In the year 205, its publication was stopped.

Full Form of BBC – Brisbane Boys College

BBC Full Form refers to Brisbane Boys College. BBC or Brisbane Boys’ College is a Uniting Church and a boarding and day school of Australia. It is situated in Toowoon, which is the Brisbane’s suburban in Queensland. In the year 1902, the foundations of the BBC were laid. The enrollment policy of this school is non-selective. There are nearly fifteen hundred students from prep to class twelfth. This also includes one hundred and forty boarders from fifth to twelfth years.

The BBC is a school of PMSA (Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association). It is affiliated with the ABSA (Australian Boarding Schools Association), the AHISA (Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia) and the JSHAA (Junior School Heads Association of Australia). It is also one of the founders of the GPS (Great Public Schools’ Association Inc).

The main building of the BBC can date back to the early years of the 1930s. It can be easily characterized by its clock tower and arches in the style of Mission Revival architecture. The main wings are the Hamilton and Rudd wings made in the year 1963. Some other buildings include the Birtles wing, Mckenzie wing and Thomson Sports complex, and were built in the years 1973, 1983 and 1987 respectively. In the year 2009, the old hall was demolished, and a new one was made. This hall is basically an auditorium equipped with air conditioning and can seat six hundred and ninety-five people.

The co-curriculum of BBC consists of sports, music and the rowing club. In sports, it offers Water polo, Athletics, Cross Country, Chess, Basketball, Gymnastics, Football, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, etc. The music department of the BBC hosts vocal, orchestral and string ensembles. It also hosts stage bands and concerts through all levels of the BBC. The tradition of a pipe band is also maintained by the college. This band plays at events like the ANZAC Day March. It also conducts biannual musical productions.

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