BARC Full Form Name: BARC Meaning

Full Form of BARC:

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BARC Full Form is Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. BARC is a premier nuclear research centre in India which is located in Trombay, Mumbai. BARC is essentially an interdisciplinary research centre facilitating advanced research and development activities in the fields such as engineering, nuclear science, and similarly related areas. The purpose of BARC is to come up with peaceful applications of the nuclear energy, especially in the area of power generation. It maintains all facets relating to nuclear power generation, the design of reactors, modelling and simulation, development of reactors and testing the same, risk analysis, etc.

It also undertakes research relating to spent fuel processing and disposal of nuclear waste. The research activities of the Centre are made use in agriculture, medicine, industries, etc. The Centre is responsible for maintaining several nuclear reactors functioning in the country. The BARC is actively engaged in civilian related research. It undertakes research in the field of biotechnology at the Gamma Gardens and has created several crop varieties that are high yielding and disease resistant, especially groundnuts. The Centre also undertakes research activities in Liquid Metal  Magnetohydrodynamics for the purposes of power generation.

In the year 2005, the Centre established the HomiBhabha National Institute with the goal to encourage research activities in the field of basic sciences. There are numerous institutions that are affiliated to the BARC such as the Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced technology (abbreviated as RRCAT), Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (abbreviated as IGCAR), and the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (abbreviated as VECC).  The BARC conducts research in other high technology areas such as micro electron beams, accelerators, supercomputers, material designs, computer vision, etc. It has developed Anupam, which is a Supercomputer used in the Centre and is rigged with advanced technology.

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