AWS Full Form Name

Full Form of AWS:

Amazon Web Services

AWS Full Form is Amazon Web Services.  AWS refers to a subsidiary of the online marketing giant, that provides a suite of several cloud computing services which make up computing platforms on demand. These services function from various 13 geographical regions across the globe. The best part of the services include Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (Also known as EC2), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Also known as S3). AWS now provides more than 70 services that cover computer, networking, storage, database, application services, analytics, mobile, management, developer tools, etc. Amazon sponsors AWS as a service with the aim of providing computing capacity cheaper and quicker than a typical client company constructing a physical server farm.

The 13 geographical locations are: US East (situated in Northern Virginia) which houses maximum number of AWS servers, US West (in Northern California and Oregon), Europe (in Germany and Ireland), Brazil (in Sao Paulo), South-east Asia (in Singapore), Australia (in Sydney), East Asia (in Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul), and finally South Asia (in Mumbai). Additionally, there is a GovCloud which is based in the North-western United States and is offered to the customers of the United States government. AWS has also announced 5 more regions and 11 Availability Zones in India, Ohio, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China that will come online by 2017.

Each region for that matter is entirely contained within an individual country and all its services and data remain within that region. There are Availability Zones within each region that are distinct centres for data facilitating AWS services. In the year 2014, AWS made a monumental commitment towards achieving cent percent renewable energy usage. It has entered into valuable partnerships with prominent corporations such as Tesla, the Pattern Development, Iberdrola, etc to further its efforts towards such commitment.

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