AWB Full Form Name

Full Form of AWB:

Air Waybill

AWB Full Form is Air Waybill. AWB is essentially a receipt that international airline issues for the purposes of goods. Known as an air consignment note, the receipt is an evidence that there is a contract of carriage and is not merely a document of title to such goods. This makes an AWB a non-negotiable instrument. An AWB is one of the essential documents that international airline issues. It can be issued either directly or by means of an authorised agent. It is a non-negotiable instrument, which encompasses transportation of cargo  between airports. A typical AWB comprises an 11-digit number that can be utilised for checking the status of delivery, making bookings, and tracking the present position of the shipment.

It is issued in sets, which are 8 in number painted in different colours. The first three issues are categorised as originals in which the first issue is green in colour. The first issue is essentially the copy of the issuing carrier. The second issue is a Pink coloured copy of the Consignee. The third issue is blue in colour and is the copy of the shipper. The fourth issue is a brown copy which is essentially a proof of delivery or the Delivery Receipt. The remaining three issues are white in colour.

The format of an AWB is formulated by the International Air Transport Association (abbreviated as IATA) and can be used for International as well as domestic transportation. The utilities of an AWB include (1) It is essentially a contract of carriage, (2) It is basically an evidence that there exists such contract, (3) It acts as a Freight Bill, that is, it can be used as an invoice or a bill along with necessary documents, (4) It is a Certificate of Insurance indicating that there is insurance of shipment, (5) Additionally, it is a Customs declaration.

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