AVADI Full Form Name

Full Form of AVADI:

Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India

AVADI Full Form is Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India. AVADI is actually a municipality in Thiruvallur district and a suburb in Chennai situated in the State of Tamil Nadu in India. Major defence establishments surround the area, which is only 23 kilometres of Chennai. The major defence establishments in the suburb are that of the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, the Heavy Vehicles Factory (abbreviated as HVF), Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (abbreviated as CVRDE), the Indian Navy, the Central Reserve Police Force (abbreviated as CRPF), the Ordnance Depot (abbreviated as OD), the Central Vehicle Depot (abbreviated as CVD), the Unfit Vehicles Park (abbreviated as UVP), the Ordnance Clothing Factory, and the EFA-Engine Factory.

A Mechanical Transport Training Institute Technical (abbreviated as MTTI) of the Indian Air Force is situated in the AVADI that provides training to personnel on the refurbishing of vehicles and driving. It also is a repair depot for the refurbishment and maintenance of various equipments of the Indian Air Force. CVRDE, on the other side, carries out major research work on combat vehicles such as battle tanks. Some of the recent developments of the CVRDE are MBT Arjun, Combat Improved Ajeya, Nag anti-tank missile, and an armoured vehicle. The HVF manufactures an indigenous version of the famed T-72 Tank, which is also known as Ajeya, along with its main components. It started the manufacture of the T-90S Bhishma tanks in the year 2006.

In AVADI, the Tamil Nadu Police (abbreviated as TSP) operates one of its division: TN 2nd and the 5th BN. The division provides training to the police personnel and presently has 500+ police quarters. Apart from military establishments, there are also various other establishments such as a World War II airfield that are situated at Red Hills in Sholavaram. There are beautiful temples in the neighbourhood such as the Chinna Amman Temple, the Vasupujiya Jain Temple, the Perumal temple, and the Karumari Amman Temple.

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