AT&T Full Form Name: AT&T Meaning

Full Form of AT&T:

American Telephone and Telegraph Company

AT&T Full Form is American Telephone and Telegraph Company (shortly AT&T Inc.). AT&T is the America based telecommunication giant which was founded in 1983. It is the second largest fixed telephone and mobile telephone provider in the United States of America. AT&T has its headquarters in Dallas city of the Texas state. It also helps in providing services of broadband subscription television. In Texas, it is the 3rd largest company. It is the largest company which does not deal with oil, behind only ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil. It is also the largest company in Dallas itself.

AT&T is the twenty-third largest company as in the year 2014 in the world when measured in terms of market value, assets, and profits. It is the sixteenth largest company in the world that does not deal with oils. AT&T is also the eighteenth largest company that deals with mobile telecom operations in the world as of the year 2016.

This company was ranked number six in the global ranking of the year 2015 as the most valuable brand in the world. The existence of the AT&T Inc was started as the Southwestern Bell Corporation. It was one of the seven RBOCs or Regional Bell Operating Companies. It changed its name from Southwestern Bell Corporation to SBC Communications in the year 1995.

The AT&T Corp was purchased by SBC in the year 2005. It took the branding of AT&T, and thereby named itself as AT&T Inc. This company then started using the iconic stock trading logo and symbol of AT&T. Reconstituting the majority of the former Bell System, the present AT&T includes nearly 10 of the original twenty-two BOC or Bell Operating Companies. It also includes the long distance division.

AT&T Product Line:

AT&T provides many products and services which include Satellite Television, Digital TV, Fixed Line Telephone, Mobile Telephone, Wireless Service, Internet Service, etc.

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