ATI Full Form Name: ATI Meaning

Full Form of ATI:

Array Technologies Incorporated

ATI Full Form is Array Technologies Incorporated. ATI was a corporation of the technologies of semiconductors. The base of this company was in Ontario, situated in Canada. It was an expert in developing chipsets and GPU, or graphic processing units. The initial name of ATI was Array Technologies. This company was publicly listed in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-three. In the year two thousand and six, this company was acquired by the AMD or Advanced Micro Devices.

Since ATI was a fabless or fabrication less company of semiconductors, the development and research were done in-house. The assembling and manufacturing processes of the products were outsourced. When 3dfx became bankrupt in the year two thousand, Nvidia, the main rival of ATI, along with the ATI itself became the two main players in the industrial sector of graphic processors.

Mobility Radeon, Radeon IGP, which is a motherboard, mobile phones, and PDAs were also developed in addition to the development of Apple Macs, personal computers, and GPUs. The first chipsets of ATI were 7000 IGP of Mobility Radeon and IGP 3*0. They also contained a three-dimensional graphic processor. Express two hundred and 200 P were based on PCI Express and were Pentium 4 and Athlon 64 chipset. Express thirty-two hundred is quite similar to Xpress two hundred.

But it is designed for providing optimal performance. Flipper, Hollywood, and Xenos are the products of console graphics made by the company. For promoting the company’s products, a fictional character named Ruby was made. RhinoFX produced videos on Ruby being a hacker or a sniper. These were used in shows on company technology like CES and CeBIT.

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