ASLV Full Form Name: ASLV Meaning

Full Form of ASLV :

Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

ASLV Full Form is Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle. ASLV is a launch vehicle designed and developed by ISRO to launch satellites of 150 Kg class into circular orbits. ISRO built ASLV in the early years after its inception. The first successful launch vehicle built by ISRO was SLV-3. With the experience gained from SLV-3 launch, ISRO built ASLV to demonstrate the critical technologies that it had mastered. In fact, it was with ASLV it had mastered the strap-on technology which is widely used by the space agency for its PSLV programme.

As the name suggests, it was built to augment the payload capacity of the earlier launch vehicle SLV-3. SLV-3 was able to launch satellites weighing about 50 Kg into low earth orbit. With the help of ASLV, the payload capacity was increased to 150 Kg. ASLV was a 5 stage vehicle comprising of solid propellant in all five stages. The 24-meter tall ASLV had a lift off weight of about 40 tonnes. ISRO launched four developmental flights under ASLV programme. The main purpose of the creation of the ASLV was to enable lifting of 150kg satellites into the Low Earth Orbit (abbreviated as LEO). This project was initiated by India in the early 1980s period for the development of technologies required for placing a payload into a geostationary orbit.

The design of the vehicle was premised upon the Satellite Launch vehicle (SLV). Due to a shortage of funds for the ASLV programme as well as the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (also known as PSLV), the former was indefinitely terminated. The Stretched Rohini Satellites were the payload of the ASLV. While ASLV was in the experimental stages, it had made four launches of which only one was successful. Two of them failed to be placed into the orbit and a third one a lower orbit. The final flight was launched in the year 1994 after which the experiment was disbanded. All the launches happened from the SLV Launch Pad situated at the Sriharikota High Altitude Range.

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