ASEAN Full Form Name: ASEAN Meaning

Full Form of ASEAN:

Association of South -East Asian Nations

ASEAN Full Form is Association of South -East Asian Nations. ASEAN is a powerful and active organization that consists of various countries from South -Eastern part of Asia. This association was formed with consent and collaboration of the member states within it. ASEAN has contributed efficiently in increasing the GDP rates for its member countries.

Formed and introduced in 1967, ASEAN is primarily concerned with the promotion of economic and political cooperation, and stability and peace on a regional basis. ASEAN has 10 countries as its members, which are — Cambodia, Laos, Brunel, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. Papua New Guinea and Timor -Leste are two observers of ASEAN. South Korea, China, and Japan are the additional members in ASEAN Plus Three.

ASEAN operates pro-actively to sort out any kind of differences between its member countries. Promotion of common interest, ensuring collaboration for the development of the agricultural and industrial sector, maintenance and development of social and economical progress, providing stability and peace on regional issues — these are the main functions of ASEAN.

This organization also gives emphasis on internal market and free trade for the countries. It further promotes joint -venture issues like monetary union and agreements on neutral free -trade. Currently, ASEAN is giving heavy emphasis on the actualization of a single market in aviation and tourism.

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