ARPANET Full Form Name: ARPANET Meaning

Full Form of ARPANET:

Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork

ARPANET Full Form is Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork. ARPANET refers to the networking technology that was used earlier to create a wide area network. It was mainly designed to be used in scientific institutions. ARPANET is considered as the predecessor of modern day internet. Established in 1969, ARPANET used packet switching method to ensure better function. Data were sent and exchanged in packets on different paths to differently constructed destinations.

ARPANET was the first technological programme that made use of the advanced protocol suits of TCP/IP. University of Utah, Stanford Research Institute, University of California in Los Angeles and in Santa Barbara — these were the four primary IMPs that helped and collaborated to create ARPANET. In the early 1980s, NCP (Network Control Programme) was implemented and installed as the principal and core protocol of ARPANET.

It helped to extend and increase the covering area of the network. ARPANET was considered as an efficient and suitable network. It provided various advanced services in those days. Voice traffic facilities, e-mail sending and receiving services, advanced technology to protect privacy and passwords, and file transfer facility — these were some of the advanced and prominent services of ARPANET. This networking system was well in use until the introduction of a more advanced programme called NSF Net.

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