ARP Full Form

ARP Full Form isĀ Advance Reservation Period. ARPĀ refers to the time period prior to when the person intends to start his journey by train. It is mainly associated with rail ticket reservation. A passenger can take help of this advance reservation system if he wants to book rail ticket before his journey date so that he can be almost assured of having confirmed his sitting allotment.

This service is open to all and is available to operate from any Computerized Reservation Centres. Tickets can be booked for any destination across the country. This service almost totally ensures the passenger, who is booking the ticket, that he will have his seat according to his wish subjects to the seats available. This service was introduced to enhance the quality of service that the Rail Ministry provides and to enhance the comfort level of the passengers.

It is usually safe to book tickets in advance if you plan to go for journey to a long distance. The effectiveness of this system can be experienced well in such situations. Earlier the Advance Reservation Period was 60 days, but it was extended to 120 days with effect from 1st April, 2015. Now, people can have more comfort and assurance through the extended period of this unique service.