API Full Form

API Full Form is Application Program Interface. API is a group of protocols, tools and routines used to build application software. Programmers use API to develop programs through various building blocks which they put together to present software. API determines the interaction of software components and it is mainly used for Graphical User Interface or GUI programs. There are variations in API based on the web applications and operating systems. If one has Windows there is a set of API designed to work with the relevant applications and hardware. For example,  it is the AIP which allows the action of copying and pasting a text between two applications.

Today’s world has specific APIs for specific websites. For instance, APIs of eBay or Amazon let developers create individual web stores using the retail infrastructure that already exists. As mentioned earlier, Application Programming Interface consists of tools, protocols and routine definitions that are used for building applications and software. A software component in an API is expressed through many factors, which includes the API’s output, operations, underlying types and inputs. An optimum API makes the development of a program easy by offering the entire set of the building blocks. The programmer puts these blocks together to form a program. An API can be made for a database system, operating system or web-based system.

By utilizing a given programming language, it offers facilities for developing applications for a particular system. For example, a programmer who is developing applications for Android can utilize an Android API for interacting with hardware, such as the camera of a device that is based on Android. An API can also access computer or database hardware, such as video cards and hard drives. It also has the ability to make the programming of the GUI components easy. An API, for instance, can help by facilitating the integration of new and advanced features into the already existing applications.

The APIs are available in a library format. This format consists of specifications for object classes, routines, variables and data structures. There are many forms of an API specification. These forms include a global standard, like POSIX; a programming language’s library, like the Java API or the C++ Template library; or the vendor documentation, like the Windows API. An ABI or application binary interface is different from an API. The former is a binary interface, and the latter is based on source code. The standard base of Linux, for example, offers an ABI, whereas POSIX is an example of an API.

API Full Form – Australian Property Institute

Full Form of API is Australian Property Institute. API is essentially a professional industry body that represents commercial, residential, plant and machinery analysts, valuers, property lawyers, and fund managers. It is one of the most reputed professional industry bodies in Australia and beyond.  The API was established in the year 1926 under a different name: the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers. Presently, many financial institutions in Australia mandate that the property professionals who undertake mortgage valuation tasks must be members of the API. The trend is becoming more and more common lately since a lot of importance and goodwill is attached with API.

The API makes provision of certifications to its members showing their particular area of expertise. These certifications are mandated by a few Australian States for the purpose of practicing in that particular field. These certifications are: Certified practising Valuer (abbreviated as CPV), Certified Property Manager (abbreviated as CPM), Certified Property Professional (abbreviated as CPP), Certified Funds Manager (abbreviated as CFM), Certified Facilities Manager (abbreviated as CFacM), Certified Asset Manager (abbreviated as CAM), and Certified Property Developer (abbreviated as CPD).

The API has a number of publications such as The Australia & New Zealand Property Journal, Valuation Principles and Practices and The Professional Practice Manual. All members of the API are obligated to follow a code of ethics, professional practice standards and rules of conduct.  The API is a party to several reciprocity agreements with various bodies such as the Appraisal Institute, the United States of America; Property Institute of New Zealand, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Appraisal Institute of Canada, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the United Kingdom, and the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers. These agreements enable API members to learn essential skills and obtain qualifications necessary in carrying out their practices.

Full Form of API – Academic Programs International

API Full Form is Academic Programs International. API refers to an autonomous study abroad service that is based in the United States of America. Its locations include Bhutan, China, Hungary, Argentina, Scotland, Germany, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, France, and the United Arab Emirates. Some of the institutes that are affiliated with the API include Royal Thimpu College, Bhutan; Beijing Normal University, China; DIU Libertas International University, Croatia; University of Leeds, University of Westminster, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of the Arts London, University College London, and London School of Economics; Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary; University of Barcelona, Spain.

The mission of the API is to provide enriching cross-cultural academic experiences that further self-knowledge, understanding of global culture, and acceptance towards different dynamics of academics. It aims at offering top quality international programs in some of the most intriguing locations across the globe and help the participating students in appreciating diversity in the academic world. To ensure maximum reach, it strategizes its programs such that they are available at reasonable costs and do not unnecessarily burden students. For that, the API also provides scholarships to a selected few to motivate them to pursue bigger and better dreams.

Program costs differ on the basis of the term and location, however, usually remain within the range of $4,000-$7,000 for one summer session and may extend to $8000-$25,000 for a full semester session.  Each program has been designed to include several extracurricular excursions such as international trips, overnight trips, and day trips.  These trips organized may last for a few days and the journey is usually done with other participating students in the API group. API provides individuals with wonderful academic opportunities at reasonable prices and study plans that cater to the holistic requirements of the participating students.

API Full Form – American Petroleum Institute

Full Form of API is American Petroleum Institute. API is the biggest trade association based in the United States of America for the natural gas and oil industry. It stands for American Petroleum Institute and claims to make a representation of approximately 650 corporations engaged in the areas relating to refinement, production, and distribution of the petroleum industry.

The API aims at influencing public policy in favor of a robust, viable American oil and natural gas industry. Its primary functions include negotiation, lobbying, and advocacy with regulatory and legal agencies, government, and research into the environmental, toxicological, and economic effects; foundation as well as certification of industry standards, etc. The API provides funds to research in the areas of oil and natural gas industry. In order to ensure maximum utility of industry workers, it organizes various seminars, conferences, and workshops on public policy. It is involved in the development and distribution of materials for not only educators but also school children. It also maintains a website known as Classroom Energy.

The API has been involved in several major lobbying incidents such as the one in which it successfully pushed for a total end to the ban on the American oil exports stating the ban significantly increased the demand for Iranian and Russian oil, which has grandly benefitted hostile regimes in these nations. Records have stated that the API has spent approximately $3 million annually during 2005-2009 on lobbying. As of the year 2009, it reported that it had total 16 lobbyists in Congress and has reportedly lobbied in matters concerning Canadian Oil Sands.

Full Form of API – Academic Performance Index

API Full Form is Academic Performance Index.  API is essentially a measurement of the academic performance and progress of schools in California, the United States of America. It is one of the major components of a Californian legislative Act, the Public Schools Accountability Act 1999. The API marks from a low range set at 200 to a high range set at 1000. The acronym API stands for the Academic Performance Index and is reflective of a major performance indicator in California.

As mentioned before, a numeric API score falls between 200 and 1000. The average statewide target for schools is set at 800. The growth of a school is evaluated on the basis of its progress towards the attainment of this target. An API score is evaluated for all students in a particular school and there are several API scores accorded to each sub-group at a school such as by English Learner status, race, students with disabilities, and economically backward students.

There are two categories of rankings: the API Statewide Rank score that ranks a particular school with all schools on the basis of the API score, and the API Similar Schools score that ranks a particular school against 100 other schools bearing similar demographic profiles. Each rank falls between 1 and 10, with 10 being reflective of a top notch performance of the school.

API Full Form – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Full Form of API is Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.  API refers to ann ingredient found in a pharmaceutical drug which is biologically active. The acronym stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, though the abbreviation AI that stands for Active Ingredient is famously used. Some medication products might contain more than one kind of API. The conventional word for API is pharmakon or pharmacon that denotes a magical drug or substance. In contrast with the API, the inactive ingredients are generally known as excipients in pharmacy.

The Primary excipient serving as a mode of conveying the API is called the vehicle. Mineral Oil and petrolatum are commonly known vehicles. The dosage form for any pharmaceutical drug comprises the API (the drug itself) and the excipients (the substances found in the tablet). Drugs are generally selected for their API. It is very common among patients to find difficulty in the identification of the API in their medication and are generally oblivious to the idea of API. When a patient consumes multiple medications, APIs can interfere with one another, causing life-threatening complications.

There are now available online services that help in the identification of APIs in most medications, for example, the Medicines Database that provides such information about medications in Australia. In the case of herbal medicine, the API may not necessarily be known or may require cofactors for the purposes of kick-starting therapeutic effects. This can result in labeling problems i.e. it becomes difficult to come up with standardization in respect of herbal medicines and this has caused serious concerns in the pharmaceutical industry.

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