APC Full Form Name: APC Meaning

Full Form of APC:

American Power Conversion Corporation

APC Full Form is American Power Conversion Corporation (formerly). APC is a subsidiary of Schneider Electric which manufactures data center products, electronics peripherals, and UPS or uninterrupted power supplies. The earlier name of this company was American Power Conversion Corporation. APC was founded in the year 1981 and the headquarters is based in West Kingston, in the town of South Kingstown, USA. The APC was acquired by Schneider Electric in the year 2007. It was combined with MGE UPS Systems. It led to the formation of Cooling Services and Critical Power Business Unit of Schneider Electric.

It earned recorded revenue of four billion dollars in the year 2007. It employed twelve thousand people all around the world. It was a member of the list named S&P 500 till the year 2007 when it was finally acquired. There are more than one hundred thirteen thousand employees in the Schneider Electric. It operates in one hundred and two countries. The annual sale of this company in the year 2008 was twenty-six billion dollars.

There are 4 application areas on which the AOL focuses its efforts. These are Data centres, business networks, access provider networks and home office. APC Symmetra is basically a range of products that supply power without any interruption. It is aimed at server and network applications. The power configurations range from four to sixteen hundred kVA. They are utilized in data centres. APC Smart-UPS is basically a range of small units that are used for office and home use. They are available as rack mount and floor-standing versions. PowerChute is developed by APC and is a computer program which is utilized for controlling UPS produced by the company.

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