AOL Full Form Name: AOL Meaning

Full Form of AOL

America Online

AOL Full Form is America Online (formerly). AOL is an American media giant founded in the year 1983 and the headquarters is based in the New York City. AOL is known for developing web search engines, computer softwares and distribution of digital contents. AOL invests grows and develops websites and brands like Engadget, TechCrunch and The Huffington Post. The business of this company extends to the digital distribution of services, products and content which is offered to advertisers, publishers and consumers.

Originally, AOL has provided the dial-up service to more than a large number of Americans. A media conglomerate company known as Time Warner was purchased by the AOL during the time period of its immense success. In the early years of the 2000s, the popularity of dial-ups was losing rapidly. Due to this, the fortunes of AOL were retracted significantly. A large number of employees were laid off since most of the company’s values were lost.

The Verizon Communications declared its plan of purchasing AOL in the year 2015, for four billion dollars. The AOL was finally acquired on the twenty-third of June in the year 2015. In the later months of the same year, several deals were made by the AOL with the Microsoft Company. It obtained several properties of companies like Millennial Media for bolstering their capabilities of mobile ad-tech.

A wide range of integrated properties and products is offered by the AOL, which includes mobile packages, communication tools and subscription packages that help in driving traffic across the network of the AOL. For example, the AOL mobile consists of mobile web and application experiences for AOL properties like MapQuest, TechCrunch, AIM and Moviefone.

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