AMR Full Form Name: AMR Meaning

Full Form of AMR:

Audio Modem Riser

AMR Full Form is Audio Modem Riser. AMR is a riser expansion slot provided in the motherboards of Pentium3, Pentium 4, Athlon and Duron personal computers. AMR slot was originally designed by Intel to provide some sort of assistance to motherboard manufacturers to implement audio and modem functionality on expansion cards. Intel is credited with designing AMR to interface with chipsets and provide analog functionality.

Audio Modem Risers have two rows of 23 pin which are designed to give an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate sound cards and modems in a particular system.  The AMR uses analog I/O audio functions that require two things: a software driver and modem circuitry, which has it in a codec chip that performs the function of translating analog and digital signals. This makes the riser board that can be fit directly into the motherboard.

The AMR technique became popular because it added advanced audio and modem design at minimal costs to users but the technology never really took off. Using an audio modem riser drastically in more than one way; it supports both audio and modem functions, it reuses the card on several motherboards which in turn reduces the Federal Communications Commission’s  certification costs of the user. AMR also provides a smaller fitting slot that is cheaper to manufacture.

Another popular use of audio modem riser is that they can install host signal processing devices to a PC. However, these host signal processing devices do not have self-control and are actually unable to control it. Thus, they are controlled by the UPPS of the computer and the PC, in turn, lacks on its overall performance.


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