AMD Full Form Name: AMD Meaning

Full Form of AMD:

Advanced Micro Devices

AMD Full Form is Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD is an American semiconductor company founded in the year 1969 and has its headquarters in the City of Sunnyvale, California. AMD is known for designing and developing the most sought after processors of today. It develops processors and other technologies related to computers for consumer and business markets. Initially, it made processors on its own, in the year 2009, after Global Foundries spurned off, AMD became fabless.

The primary products of the AMD include graphics processors, embedded processors, and microprocessors for the applications of embedded systems, personal computers, and workstations. AMD is the second largest provider of x86-based microprocessors. In the year 2006, AMD acquired ATI. From then on; Nvidia and AMD are dominating the market of discrete GPU or graphics processor unit.

The graphic processors manufactured are aimed at computing, professional and consumer markets like Radeon, which provides optimized versions of graphic chips to be utilized in laptops; AMD FirePro, which provides graphic cards to be used in workstations; AMD Eyefinity, which facilitates the setting up of six monitors in every graphic card; UVD or Unified Video Decoder, which helps in accelerating video decoding; AMD TrueAudio, which helps in accelerating audio calculations and VCE or Video Coding Engine, which accelerates video encoding.

AMD was honored a Guinness World Record for having a computer processor’s highest frequency of 8.429 GHz on the thirty-first August of the year 2011. By using two cores only, an FX-8150 processor having eight cores was operated by the company. It was cooled using liquid helium. The AMD was rated as the 5th most progressive companies in the consumer electronics in the year 2012.

Salient Features of AMD:

AMD is the 2nd largest producer and supplier of x86 architecture-based microprocessors in the world. It has been one of the finest production houses for manufacturing graphics processing units.

Products from AMD:

Products from AMD include microprocessors, graphics processors, embedded processors, personal computers, workstations, embedded systems applications.



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