AMC Full Form Name: AMC Meaning

Full Form of AMC:

Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC Full Form is Annual Maintenance Contract. AMC term is associated with the services that are rendered by a company to its customers. It is a contract through which the customer agrees to take the services of the company to maintain their products for a fixed rate. AMC involves in the service personals of the company visiting the customer to perform regular check-ups, cleaning, and maintaining the products.Since AMC refers to annual contract, it has to be renewed each year with the minimum charge for the services to continue.

There are different types of contracts in AMC based on the type of product, frequency maintenance required, and other factors. AMC saves customers from unexpected malfunctioning of their products as the experts will be able to identify and rectify any faults in advance. As the name suggests, Annual Maintenance Contract is related to maintenance. Now the question is: Maintenance for what? The contract, which will hereinafter be referred to as by its popularly used abbreviated term AMC, related to maintenance of instruments.

The purpose of an AMC is to ensure that components of your instruments do not degrade, which is bound to happen with time if they are not put to use. Because components in an instrument are interconnected and interdependent, failure in any one of them would greatly affect the others, resulting the failure of the entire machinery. Thus, an AMC promotes proper maintenance of instruments so as to ensure they serve you well for years to come.

Many forums have been established that recommend AMC, which is also known as Preventive Maintenance Contract. Many recommend that AMC examinations should be undertaken on a quarterly basis. However, the number of times AMC is to be undertaken is often affected by the kind of environment in which the instrument works. It has been widely recommended that AMC is performed for all models and equipments. Thus, AMC is an essential contract for any enterprise because it contributes to cost reduction and losses.

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