AM Full Form Name: AM Meaning

Full Form of AM :

Amplitude Modulation

AM Full Form is Amplitude Modulation, which is a radio broadcasting method. It was perhaps the first way to impress sound over a radio signal. It has been one of the most used methods of broadcasting till today. AM is also used for 2-way radio communications. It was in 1901 that an Engineer from Canada transmitted the first signal through amplitude modulation.

The primary concept of AM is very simple and straight. Here, the signal’s amplitude is altered in accordance with the sound intensity which aided the sound signal to be superimposed on the radio signal. Thus, the radio signal becomes the ‘carrier’. The main reasons why there has been continued usage of AM over many years are (1) AM can be implemented without complications, (2) It can also be demodulated using a simple circuit and few components, (3) Very cost effective. Nonetheless, AM has a few disadvantages like high power usage, bandwidth, and noise interruptions.

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