Akai Full Form Name

Full Form of Akai:

Akai Full Form came from the founder of the company Mr. Saburo Akai. Akai is basically a brand of electronic equipment. The headquarters of this company is situated in Singapore. As in the year nineteen hundred and ninety, this company employed more than one hundred thousand employees. The yearly sales of Akai were nearly five billion US dollars. But since this company owed nearly one thousand and one hundred million US dollars to its creditors, the company collapsed in the year two thousand. Additionally, the brand name of Akai is used for the manufacture of musical instruments, and also for rebadging electronics that are made by other manufacturers.

The base of the Akai Company was laid by Saburo Akai and his father Masukichi Akai. The initial name of the company was Akai Electronics Company Ltd. In the year nineteen hundred and forty-six, it was a manufacturing company in Japan. After the collapse of the company in the year two thousand, the ownership was transferred to another company that was established by James Ting, who was the chairman of Akai. This occurred in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.

The exposing of the Akai Company started again in the early two thousand and three. This was done by selling numerous video products branded as Akai which were made originally by Samsung. Distribution of appliances like devices for water filtration, vacuum cleaners, and HVAC units was also started by this company in the same year. Many video devices like VCD players, DVD recorders and players, AV receivers and home theater systems are sold by this company. Other items sold by Akai are mobile handsets, Bluetooth, CD changers, heaters, air conditioners, dishwashers, ovens, ice makers, showcases, wine cellars, washing machines,etc.

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