AI Full Form

AI Full Form is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a computer science that focuses on the development of intellectual systems that works like humans. The term AI was first coined in the year 1956 by John McCarthy. The programs computers with artificial intelligence are created for include; Learning, Speech recognition, Problem solving and Planning. The research & process associated with artificial intelligence is technically advanced and requires specialization. The artificial intelligence includes embedding computer with certain programs so as to perform various functions such as; Problem solving, Reasoning, Planning, Perception, Learning, etc.

Knowledge is an essential part of AI research it enables machines to respond like human because abundant information stored in them. Artificial intelligence should have access to objects, properties, categories as well as relation between them. Machine learning is also an important part of AI.  It is necessary to identify various patterns and classify accordingly hence; it is very vital part of AI. Robots make use of artificial intelligence to perform various tasks such as object manipulation, navigation, motion planning, mapping and localization hence it is one of the major sector that is directly related to Artificial intelligence.

Other fields that requires AI specialization includes Game playing i.e, training computer to play games against humans, Expert systems i.e., programming computers to make decisions in real life scenarios, Human Language i.e., training computer to understand and respond to human language etc. There are many programming languages that are considered as AI languages as they are used for several AI applications. The two most common AI languages are Prolog and LISP.

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