Adobe Full Form Name

Full Form of Adobe:

Adobe Full Form came from the Adobe Creek which was running behind the house of Mr. John Warnock (the co-founder of Adobe). Adobe or Adobe System Incorporated is a transitional software company in America. The headquarters of this company is in California. The main focus of this company lies in software and multimedia products. Recently, it is also focusing on the development of the Internet applications and software. It is most commonly called as Photoshop. It is mainly a software which helps in editing the images. Other popular products of this company include ACS or Adobe Creative Suite, PDF for Portable Document Format and Adobe Reader. The successor of ACS is ACC or Adobe Creative Cloud.

The base of this company was laid in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-two by Charles Geschke and John Warnock. They opened this company initially for selling as well as developing a language called PostScript page description. The company consists of around thirteen thousand and five hundred employees, as of the year two thousand and fifteen. Forty percent of the total employees work in the headquarters of the company. The main operations and developmental work also extend to California, San Francisco, Seattle, Lehi, Minneapolis, Orlando, New York City and Newton.

There are many programs for web designs launched by Adobe. Some of them are Adobe Edge, Flash Catalyst, Muse, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flash Builder and Contribute. There are also many visual effects and video editing software launched. Many softwares related to content management like Mixamo, Experience Manager and Marketing Cloud are also made. Additionally, formats like .flm, PDF, FLV, PostScript, which is the predecessor of the PDF, SWF for Shockwave Flash; services related to web hosts like acrobat and Kuler are also launched by this company.

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