ADA Full Form Name

Full Form of ADA:

Aeronautical Development Agency

ADA Full Form is Aeronautical Development Agency. ADA is an organization in India that is engaged in overseeing the development of the LCA or Light Aircraft program of the nation. It was formed in the year 1984 in Bangalore by the Indian Defense Ministry. Presently, it is engaged in developing and designing numerous versions of UCAV, HAL AMCA, and LCA. The ADA consists of a large number of facilities. These include a facility for designing the system and its evaluation, Iron Bird, a facility for the lighting test, a facility for testing of aircraft in the wind tunnel, ASMS, computing center, LCA Hangar, and virtual reality. The computing center established by the ADA consists of numerous powerful software and equipment.

Many specialized softwares have been developed by this organization in the areas of CAD or computer-aided design, independent verification and validation, CAM or computer aided manufacturing, flight simulation, avionics systems, and CAE or computer aided engineering. The ADA has formed a commercial partnership with many well-known global companies like Dassault Systems, Airbus, PTC or Parametric Technology Corporation, IBM and Boeing. These partnerships have provided many advantages to ADA in terms of development and research. The software developed by the organization for the development program of LCA-Tejas includes Gita, Finesse, Auto-lay, Prana, Fine-Graf and Cad-Trans.

The airframe of HAL-Tejas developed by the ADA consists of more than seventy percent composite. The lightweight characteristics of this composite structure are due to the freedom of the designer to place the material load only on the area where it is needed. The high-strength and lightweight fibers used in the design matrix helped in achieving these characteristics. During the manufacturing process, these can be oriented for suiting the requirements of the designers.

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