ACSR Full Form Name

Full Form of ACSR:

Aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable

ACSR Full Form is Aluminum Conductor Steel-Reinforced cable. A conductor of high strength and capacity utilized in overhead power lines is called ACSR or Aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable. The outer strands of this cable are made of aluminum of high purity. Aluminum is used because of its low cost and weight, and an outstanding conductivity. In order to give extra strength for supporting the conductor’s weight, steel is used for making central strand(s). Since the strength of steel is more than that of aluminum, the conductor can be subjected to more mechanical tension.

There are additional properties that lead to less sagging than other conductors made entirely of aluminum. These properties are of steel used in the conductor. It has low inelastic and elastic deformation that may be caused due to ice and winds. It makes ACSR more beneficial. In nations like Canada and US, the aluminum temper and alloy utilized for making the outer strands are usually 1350-H19. In other parts of the world, the same is made using 1370-H19. No matter what is used, more than ninety-nine percent consists of aluminum.

The steel strands utilized in making the core of conductors are subjected to galvanization for increasing their service life. For preventing corrosion, other materials may also be coated on them. The strands utilized in both steel, as well as aluminum strands, have different diameters. The operating temperature of the ACSR conductors is limited to seventy-five degree Celsius. The ACSS or Aluminum Conductor Steel Support is another type of cable that relies on steel, and hence can be utilized at the maximum temperature of two hundred and fifty Celsius.

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