ACP Full Form Name: ACP Meaning

Full Form of ACP:

Assistant Commissioner of Police

ACP Full Form is Assistant Commissioner of Police. The senior officers in India that have the rank of ACP or Assistant Commissioner of Police or assistant superintendent are a part of either the state police service or the IPS, that is, the Indian Police Services. The constables and inspectors in India, on the other hand, are a part of the police force of individual provinces. The Assistant Commissioner’s rank is also utilized in the administration of service tax, customs, Income Tax and Central Exercise. The rank of DSP or Deputy Superintendent of Police is equivalent to ACP and is used by the India’s police forces. The British Empire also used the same. The DSPs are senior to the Assistant superintendent.

In the year 1876, the introduction of the ‘Indianisation’ policy led to the creation of the rank of the assistant commissioner of police or the deputy superintendent. The latter is an officer in the state police. These officers reach this rank from the post of inspector through promotion or are entered into this rank directly. ACP may get promoted to the Indian Police Services after certain years of service. The number of service years may range from eight to fifteen and is different for different states. They are referred to as the CO or Circle Officers in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The candidates who wish to pursue the post of ASP or DSP must fulfill all eligibility requirements. A candidate having a degree in any field is eligible, provided his or her age is between twenty-one to thirty-eight years. The height of a candidate, in the case of men, must be five feet six inches or one hundred and sixty-eight centimeters; and in the case of women, must be five feet one inch or one hundred and fifty-five centimeters. The chest expansion of two inches or five centimeters and chest requirement of thirty-three inches or eighty-four centimeters are additional criteria. The minimum height of five feet five inches, or one hundred and sixty-five centimeters, is required in Tamil Nadu.

ACP Full Form: Automatic Colt Pistol

ACP Full Form is Automatic Colt Pistol. During the 1980s and 20th century, U.S. Cavalry was buying and testing several of those handguns. ACP .45 was approved as the standard arm of the US Army. It was also identified as The Model 1911 Pistol. The ACP .45 is a very effective combat, which combines stopping power and accuracy. The standard ACP round has the 230-grain bullet. This travels around 830 feet/sec from the M1911A1 pistol. It also travels around 950 feet/sec from an M1A1 pistol. The .45 ACP is extremely impactful that it has the potential to lower the BP very rapidly. This is because of the permanent and deep wound with substantially large diameter.

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