ACM Full Form Name

Full Form of ACM:

Association for Computing Machinery

ACM Full Form is Association for Computing Machinery. The ACM or Association for Computing Machinery is a global society related to computing. The foundation of this society was laid in the year 1947. It is the biggest educational and scientific computing society of the world. As of the year 2011, it has over one hundred thousand members. Its head office is present in New York. The organization of the ACM consists of more than one hundred and seventy local chapters, and thirty-seven SIGs or special interest groups. Numerous activities of the society are conducted through these chapters and groups. The society also consists of more than five hundred university and college chapters.

The foundation of the 1st student chapter was laid at the Louisiana University in the year 1961. Numerous conferences are sponsored regularly by many SIGs like SIGCSE, SIGGRAPH, SIGCOMM, and SIGPLAN. These conferences are well-known as venues used to present innovations in some areas. A number of newsletters, magazines, and specialized journals are also published by these groups. Certain events related to computer science are also sponsored by the ACM.

These events include ICPC or International Collegiate Programming Contest, and a chess match between the Deep Blue Computer of the IBM and Garry Kasparov. Over fifty journals are published by the ACM. These include CACM or Communications of the ACM, Journal of the ACM. Additionally, it publishes XRDS, a well-known student magazine of computing; CSUR or Computer Surveys; Interactions, which focus on the relation between the technology, people, and experiences; and CIE or Computers in Entertainment.

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