ACER Full Form Name: ACER Meaning

ACER Full Form came from Latin words for “sharp, acute, able and facile“. The Acer or Acer Inc is a multinational electronic and hardware corporation of Taiwan. Its specialization lies in electronic technology. The headquarters of this company are in Xizhi of New Taipei City, situated in Taiwan. The products of Acer include peripherals, plasma televisions, LED, storage devices, tablet computers, desktop, Smartphone, LCD, displays, servers, and laptop PCs. It also provides services of e-business to consumers, governments, and businesses. Acer is the sixth largest vendor of personal computers in the world as in the year two thousand and fifteen.

It slowly shifted from manufacturer to distributor, marketer, and designer of products. Many net books and notebooks have been shipped by this company with numerous Linux OS like Ubuntu and Android. A line of tablet, as well as, Smartphone is also launched by it. Acer has acquired many companies over the years. For example, it acquired Gateway, Inc in two thousand and seven, E-TEN in two thousand and eight, and iGware Inc, in two thousand and eleven. In America, the research, development, marketing, manufacturing and engineering of Acer is handled by the Acer America Corporation.

Its headquarters are in San Jose, situated in California. The ACA or Acer Computer Australia is the subsidiary of this company in Australia. It is the third largest vendor of PCs in Australia and was established in the year ninety hundred and ninety. In India, Acer India Private Limited is its subsidiary in India. Its headquarters is located in Bangalore, in India. It is a well-known vendor of low profile notebooks and desktop computers here. In Indonesia, PT Acer is a subsidiary of the main company Acer.

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