ACD Full Form Name

Full Form of ACD:

Automatic Call Distribution

ACD Full Form is Automatic Call Distribution. A system or a device used for distributing the incoming calls to a group of agents or terminals in accordance with the selection and telephone number of the customer, time of processing of a given call or chosen system’s incoming line is called an ACD or Automatic Call Distribution system. Usually, this system forms a portion of the CTI or computer telephony integration system. The primary task of the ACD system is to route the incoming calls. These are used usually in offices where a large number of incoming calls are handled.

These calls generally come from the callers who do not require a specific person to talk, but a person from a group of people who can assist in a certain task as early as possible. An example of this is the customer care representatives. The routing strategy of the ACD consists of an instruction set. This instruction set tells the procedure of handling calls inside the ACD system. This strategy generally consists of an algorithm that helps by determining the optimum employee or employees available for responding an incoming call.

The soliciting, as well as reviewing of additional data, is performed for finding out the reason of the customer’s call.  The ANI or caller ID is used numerous times, along with a simple IVR. Enabling CTI is an extra function of these applications of external routing. This helps by improving the efficiency of the agents working in call centers. The incoming calls are matched with the relevant data present on their personal computer through screen pop.

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