AC Full Form Name: AC Meaning

Full Form of AC:

Alternating Current

AC Full Form is Alternating Current. The electric current in which the electric charge’s flow is reversed periodically is called AC or Alternating Current. It is different from DC or Direct Current, in which the charges flow in one direction only. The electric power is transmitted and delivered to residences and business in the form of alternating current. Its wave form in the majority of the power circuits is usually a sine wave. Different waveforms, like the square or triangular waves, are utilized in some applications.

Additional examples of AC are radio and audio signals that are carried by the electric wires. In these AC types, the information is modulated or encoded onto the signals of alternating currents, and these signals are then carried by the AC. This information consists of images, like videos, and sound, or audio. The frequencies at which these currents are transmitted are higher than those used in the transmission of power. The electrical systems of different nations use different frequencies for transmitting power. This varies even within the same country.

Usually, the frequency at which the power is generated is within fifty or sixty hertz. The electric motors’ design is eased by the use of the low frequency. This is true especially for applications that are used for rolling, crushing and hoisting. However, noticeable flickers are also caused by it in light bulbs and arc lamps.  Another benefit offered by low frequency is the low loss of impedance. The impedance loss and frequency are directly proportional to one another. Certain applications use the frequency of four hundred hertz. Such applications include aircraft, textile industry, offshore, and spacecraft, marine and military.

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