ABC Full Form Name: ABC Meaning

Full Form of ABC:

American Broadcasting Company

ABC Full Form is American Broadcasting Company. ABC is basically a commercial television broadcast network in America. It is owned by a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company’s DMN division or Disney Media Network. The network is a portion of the network named Big Three Television. The headquarters of the network is on West 66th Street and Columbus Avenue in the city of Manhattan. Additional production facilities and offices are in California, Los Angeles and New York City.

The ABC Radio, which is also known as Cumulus Media Networks, was brought by Citadel Broadcasting in the year 2007. Since this year, the broadcasting operations of the ABC have been reduced to television. ABC is the fifth oldest broadcasting company of the globe. It is also known as ‘the Alphabet Network’.

ABC was launched originally as a radio network on twelfth October of the year 1943. It was separated from the NBC Blue Network, which was bought by Edward J. Noble. Its operation was extended to television in the year 1948, like the broadcast networks NBC and CBS. In the year 1996, The Walt Disney Company purchased the majority of the assets of the ABC.

The ABC has more than two hundred and thirty-two television stations. The majority of the citizens of Canada have the accessibility to the ABC affiliate, either through a cable or over the air. The feature and news content are provided by the ABC News for certain radio stations that are owned by the Citadel Broadcasting. The Citadel Broadcasting purchased the properties of the ABC Radio in the year 2007.

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