ABB Full Form Name: ABB Meaning

Full Form of ABB:

Asea Brown Boveri

ABB Full Form is Asea Brown Boveri. ABB is a result of the merging of BBC Brown Boveri of Baden, in Switzerland and Asea AB of Sweden in the year 1988. It is a multinational corporation that operates mainly in automation and power technology along with robotics. Its headquarters is located in Zurich, Switzerland. When the company was formed, the parent companies of ABB retained their separate stock listings, boards, and names.

In 1996, both BBC Brown Boveri and ASEA AB decided to alter their names to ABB AG and ABB AB respectively. ABB is one of the biggest conglomerates as well as one of the biggest engineering companies in the world. It operates in about hundred countries. At 2015, the number of employees is estimated to be 140,000 with global revenue of forty billion dollars.

ABB trades on NY Stock Exchange in US and SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich. The Indian Unit of ABB is ABB India Limited and over four billion dollars of market capitalization. One of the greatest builders of electricity grids in the world, ABB is active in other sectors too. It does its core business in automation and power technologies. After its reorganization in 2010, the company has five production divisions and one corporate division. The matrix structure is successfully implemented in ABB’s organization.

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