AAI Full Form Name: AAI Meaning

Full Form of AAI:

Airport Authority of India

AAI Full Form is Airport Authority of India. The unit of public sector engaged in up-gradation, management, creation and maintenance of the India’s infrastructure of civil aviation is called the AAI or Airport Authority of India. It is responsible for the management of air traffic not only over the airspace of India but also on adjoining oceanic regions. It also helps by managing one hundred and twenty-five airports, which includes twenty-six civil enclaves present at the Military Airfields, seven customs airports, eighteen international airports and seventy-eight domestic airports. The ground installations located at all airports and twenty-five additional locations are in charge of the AAI.

All the main air routes that pass over the landmass in India are covered by the AAI through twenty-nine Radar installations. These radars are installed in eleven locations, in addition to the 700 DVOR and VOR installations. There are fifty-two runways that have the facility of ILS or Instrument Landing System. The majority of the airports are provided NLS or Night Landing Facilities, along with AMS or Automatic Switching Systems. These systems are provided to fifteen airports.

The ADSS or Automatic Dependence Surveillance System has been implemented by the AAI at the Air Traffic Control Centers of Chennai and Kolkata. The ADSS uses indigenous technology. This has led to the control of air traffic over the oceanic regions. This is done by utilizing satellite communications. The airports of Ahmadabad, Delhi, and Mumbai are using the PBN or Performance Based Navigation procedures that are supplied by the AAI.   The satellite-based systems will be implemented by it for navigation under the Gagan project.

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