AAC Full Form Name: AAC Meaning

Full Form of AAC:

Advanced Audio Coding

AAC Full Form is Advanced Audio Coding. A standardized scheme used for compression in digital audio is referred to as the AAC or Advanced Audio Coding. The sound quality achieved by the AAC is better than that of MP3 at the same bitrate. The IEC and ISO have standardized AAC as a portion of the specifications MPEG-4 and MPEG-2. A portion of the MPEG-4 Audio is called HE-AAC or High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding. The digital audio standards have adopted HE-AAC, much like the adoption of standards of mobile television ATSC-M/H and DVB-H; and Digital Radio Mondiale.

AAC includes audio channels with bandwidth up to ninety-six kilohertz in a single stream, sixteen LFE or low-frequency effects channels, the frequency of which does not exceed beyond one hundred and twenty hertz; a maximum of sixteen dialogue or coupling channels and sixteen data streams. The examples of channels that have adopted AAC as a standard or default audio format are DivX Web Player, Nintendo 3DS, iPad, iPhone, Play Station 3, iTunes, Nintendo DSi, iPod, and YouTube. It is also supported on Android, Wii, BlackBerry, Walkman MP3 of Sony and Play Station Vita. The in-dash audio systems used in the cars also support this format.

The successor of the MP3 format is AAC. Many improve have been made in AAC, which makes it more beneficial as compared to the MP3. The sample frequencies in MP3 were between sixteen to forty-eight kilohertz, whereas that of AAC is from eight to ninety-six kilohertz. Nearly forty-eight channels are supported by the AAC, whereas two channels are supported in the MP3’s MPEG-1 mode, and five channels in the MP3’s MPEG-2 Mode. The efficiency of the former is high, and its filter bank is simpler than the hybrid coding of the MP3.

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