AAA Full Form Name: AAA Meaning

Full Form of AAA:

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

AAA Full Form is Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting. The framework which controls the access to the resources related to computers intelligently, and provides the information essential for services, audits the usage and enforces the necessary policies is called the AAA or Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting framework. The processes that form the AAA framework are discussed below:

Authentication: This process helps by providing a means of user identification. For a user to have the access to the network and its resources, he or she needs to enter a valid and authentic username and password. The authentication credentials of the user are then compared with those stored in the database by the AAA server. The access is granted to the user if these credentials get matched. If they do not match, then the authentication process fails, and the user is denied the access to the network.

Authorization: The second process of the AAA framework consists of authorization. For the user to do certain tasks, he or she must gain authorization. For example, a user, after successfully completing the process of logging into the system, may issue some commands. The main task of the authorization process is to check if the user has the suitable authority to issue these commands. Thus, in simple words, this process is used to enforce policies, which includes the determination of the qualities and types of services, resources or activities that a user is sanctioned to access and perform.

Accounting: The final process of the AAA network is accounting. This process helps by measuring amount of resources being consumed by the user when he or she accesses the network. This consists of the amount of data being received or sent during the access session or the time period for which the system is used. The accounting process is executed by accessing the user information and session statistics. It is also used to authorize control, trend analysis, plan activities and utilization of resources.

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